Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 Ways GPS Can Grow Your Business?

Are you looking for a smart way to optimize your deliveries and ensure that your customers are supremely satisfied? Have you ever thought of GPS tracking for your service delivery vehicles? If not, you should.

GPS technology is changing the way businesses are shipping and receiving their products all over the world. Fleet tracking is becoming more of a necessity than just a convenience and here are some of the reasons why:

Monitor your Inventory: You can monitor your inventory as it moves throughout your supply chain. This allows you to supercharge your response times with real-time tracking, giving you the option to immediately deploy the vehicle that is closest to the location of delivery/service and update your clients as the delivery is being made. Say your driver is stuck in traffic, you can notify your client of the delay and adjust accordingly.

Increased Productivity: Increase the productivity of your drivers. By continuously monitoring your fleet, everyone will be held to the same standards and in return, your employees will be more productive.

Lower Insurance: Many insurance companies will lower your insurance premiums if they know you are tracking your assets.

Theft Recovery: Means exactly how it sounds. If your vehicle is stolen or lost, you can use the Live GPS Tracker to find its exact location.

Tax Write Off: If you have employees that use their own vehicles for deliveries and services, they can keep track of the mileage and use it as a tax write-off at the end of the year!

Extend the life of your fleet: By keeping track of your mileage on each vehicle in your fleet, you can in turn, keep track of when the vehicle needs to be maintained. This allows you to extend the life of your fleet, thus saving you money in the long run.

If you’re serious about optimizing your sales, increasing employee productivity and providing top-notch customer service, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Can Always Learn Something.

Recently I attended a free social media seminar with my husband and business partner. I used to attend seminars like this one regularly but in the last few years I found myself skipping them time and again. I'd tell myself, “I bet it's just a sales pitch or I just don’t have time.” 

Or, quite frequently, “what will I hear that I haven't heard at a thousand other business seminars?” In other words what do I have left to learn?

   In the early days at KJB I gobbled up every free seminar I could. Labor laws, hiring practices, accounting information, advertising lectures, there was so much to learn and it was all so exciting! Time went on and I joined professional groups that refined my focus on the particular business challenges my company faced. I made great friends and network contacts but the day-to-day grind of leadership caused cynicism to creep in. During 15 years of business leadership I've learned that there is a time for everything – including a time to think big and a time to sweat the small stuff. In 2015 the day to day operations of KJB Security required a LOT of small stuff sweating. Finally, I realized that focusing two steps ahead made me long for the days when running a business seemed so exciting. I really missed the opportunity to learn and grow and get others' insights on day to day problems. I wanted to see more than two steps ahead... I wanted to see the horizon again.

  My way to do that was to get out of the corner office and back in the classroom – the business seminar classroom that is. Which brings me back to my recent outing to the social media seminar. Did I hear anything I'd heard before? Of course, but that's not the point.... the point is tat putting myself in a mindset of learning brought new energy, new excitement back to KJB. Like the captain that turns her ship and crew toward uncharted waters, it's not about what you already know.... it's about what you might learn. My new mid-year resolution is to look for seminars and learning opportunities that I might otherwise have tossed away.

Sure, the invites that come in might be sales pitches.

And yeah, my time will always be at a premium.

But who cares? Because if I've learned anything it's that I can always learn something.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Will You Use Wi-Fi?

In our last blog here we discussed the various merits of a stand-alone DVR hidden camera versus a wi-fi hidden camera. As we noted in that blog wi-fi hidden cameras come with two options for their remote connectivity: peer to peer (referred to as P2P) and peer to internet (referred to as P2I.) Let's dive a little deeper into these two kind of wi-fi connections.

For Peer to Peer there is no internet protocol (IP) channeling the data between your hidden camera and the viewing device. The hidden camera itself acts as a wi-fi transmitter and sends live video to your phone as long as it's within range of the camera.

On the plus side:
• Makes setting up the hidden camera easy, just check your smart device to see what the camera sees.
• No need to access your IP address.
• No connection over the internet means your video is more secure.

Things to consider:
• Less remote capability as the video will stream only when your smart phone is in range of the camera.

For Peer to Internet the user connects a smart phone to the hidden camera through a router and network SSID. Add the app to as many devices as necessary so that more than one person can monitor the video feed. Users with long term hidden surveillance needs can really benefit from a Peer to Internet connection.

On the plus side:
• Very little limitation to remote access of the data.
• Easy for more than one person to monitor the hidden camera remotely.

Things to consider:
• Set-up is more complicated as access to the user's IP settings is necessary.
• Bandwidth is a consideration as narrow bandwidth, or several devices using the same router, can affect the video’s clarity.

Our SleuthGear Zone Shield and Xtreme Life Wi-Fi Hidden cameras offer both P2P and P2I connections and our customer service reps are ready to handle any tech difficulties that arise after your purchase.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hidden Cameras: Wi-Fi Streaming Technology vs DVR Stand-Alone Recorders

Having been in the business of hidden surveillance for some time we have seen a huge rise in wi-fi devices using apps that allow users to stream the feed from their hidden cameras. At the same time there has been a decline in demand for the traditional stand-alone devices that record captured video to a memory card for later review. Wi-fi technology (sometimes, and not always correctly, referred to as the internet of things) certainly seems convenient and flashy but sometimes value is in the eye of the beholder. Do stand-alone DVRs still have a place in the market and in homes? Let’s talk about a few of the pros and cons of each while determining how to spend that hard earned money.

Our stand-alone hidden camera DVRs have been used reliably for over a decade. Its set-up is relatively simple, a few clicks with the included remote sets time and date, motion activation preferences, recording time. Simply remove the memory card, pop it into your computer and review your captured video as easily as surfing social media. If we’re making comparisons this hidden camera DVR is the 1989 Chrysler LeBaron that your parents let you drive in high school. Sure it’s a bit stripped down but it won't leave you stranded wondering what your teenagers are doing down in the basement. And speaking of teenagers in the basement, this DVR is no Snapchat nightmare waiting to happen…. a hidden camera that’s not connected to the internet is almost impossible to hack.

Now we all want to grow out of that '89 LeBaron at some point. And the shiny new Acura bought with our first grown-up paycheck sure looks nice sitting in the driveway. But in time we’re bound to find out that all its bells and whistles mean there’s more to maintain. The same principles apply to wi-fi electronics. While we want all our wi-fi gadgets to work without fail, a hidden camera is not an iPhone. For the best user experience we have a couple of suggestions: First, determine if you need Peer to Peer (P2P) or Peer to Internet (P2I) connectivity. Our Zone Shield and Xtreme Life cameras can work with either. For a P2P connection the camera’s own wi-fi module generates a signal that you can stream on an app as long as you’re in range of the camera. It’s great for checking on nap time while trying to get that last little bit of yard work done.

For a P2I connection the camera connects through your router using your network SSID just like any home automation device. Our wi-fi hidden cameras do come with 720p resolution but that HD resolution also means they have a pretty hefty appetite for bandwidth when connected via P2I. Think about how many wi-fi devices are plugged in at your house…. tablets, phones, TV receivers? Our wifi module has a strong signal but it’s only as good as your router signal. For the best results we recommend setting the camera to VGA 640x480, the higher the definition the more bandwidth your camera will chew up.

Fortunately our Zone Shield and Xtreme Life families have both stand-alone DVRs and wi-fi connected hidden cameras available. Refer to the table below to determine if your hidden surveillance problems can be solved with the hidden camera equivalent of a spiffy Acura or a reliable Chrysler.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Favorite Pictures from ISC West 2016

As I write this I'm winging across the ocean on a research and development mission to the Hong Kong technology trade shows. Just as we've spent 15 years at ISC West, KJB has spent almost the same amount of time spanning the globe looking for new and exciting technology.

But it sure does take a long time to get there.

So while we are tucked in at 40,000 feet I'll share of my favorite pictures from our just closed visit to ISC West. After all trade shows are all about the people:

Ready to take on ISC West!

Sabar and Jill proudly show off the LawMate cover products available from KJB

Can you spot the hidden sales rep?
Chad, Neil, Crystal, and Pete ready for Day 2 of the show.

Making their ISC West debut our Zone Shield and Xtreme Life hidden cameras
are always ready for action.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

KJB President Jill Johnston Reflects on Fifteen Years at ISC West

It’s that time again to pack up and head to Las Vegas for the ISC West Show. This will be our 15th year as an exhibitor. We've seen a lot of changes from our 20 foot booth and every year they say it's the biggest show ever. In honor of our 15th year I thought I would share my plans and hopes for this show (as well as a few things I wish I could do!)

Monday, October 12, 2015

ASPCA Update: Alabama rescue of 300 dogs and cats, and critical aid provided during devastating California wildfires

As a 2015 Business Ambassador, KJB Security Products aids investigations with surveillance device donations.

Earlier this year, we announced our ASPCA partnership to you, our dealers, and shared why their work aligns with our core business value to protect vulnerable populations – those without a voice.

The partnership has been extremely rewarding. The important work the organization and volunteers do across the country to protect animals is awe-inspiring and we are proud to play a small role in aiding their efforts.

To recap, the ASPCA is using several of our surveillance devices to aid their field investigations and response team’s efforts to stop animal abuse and neglect. The field team uses the devices for surveillance purposes and to gather evidence as they work across the country in partnership with emergency responders, humane associations and shelters to rescue animals from life-threatening situations and provide them with the essential care they need.

One such investigation involved the raid at a neglectful shelter in Moulton, Ala. where 300 dogs and cats were rescued. An adoption event to find loving families for the animals was held in July and drew more than 900 people from throughout the southeast. A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event Recap shares the story of the new beginnings offered to the animals.
Over 900 people, from NASA engineers to former Marines, came to rescue animals after the ASPCA closed down a dangerous and neglectful shelter.

And while not an investigation, we also wanted to share with you the work they have been doing during the devastating California wildfires. ASPCA teams have been on the ground in Northern California since Sept. 13 providing emergency assistance in the midst of the fires. In addition to conducting home searches and rescues, they have helped treat badly burned animals and provided support to overcrowded shelters. Efforts included the rescue of more than 200 animals and have reunited close to 40 pets with their families after being separated during emergency evacuations. They continue to work to reunite displaced animals in the aftermath of the Lake County fire that burned 67,000 acres, destroying nearly 600 homes and leaving approximately 13,000 peoepl displaced. Read more at: ASPCA Assists LCACC in Providing Support for Hundreds of Animals, Pet Parents Following Devastating CA Wildfire.